Customer Review – The G700 Military Grade Flashlight

I have been a fan of flashlights my entire life but I have never seen such a powerful flashlight like the G700 military grade. From the first day that this flashlight was released on the market I was amazed with it and wanted to buy it so badly. Since the first day of release this flashlight managed to sell more ... Read More »

Stay Safe – Invest In A Tactical Flashlight

tactical flashlight night view

Say the word tactical flashlight and you might envision something long, heavy, and used by a policeman. In fact, they were designed with the military in mind, which means they’re designed to be durable. Today’s tactical flashlights are actually smaller and more portable. In fact, even civilians can own their own tactical flashlight. It can actually be a safety issue. ... Read More »

Where To Find The Right UK Cold Metal Repair Services

Cold welding joins two pieces of metal together without heating the metal. Rather, creating a vacuum can join similar pieces of metal together. The process is often used to repair cracks when welding would be impractical or too expensive. That way the metal is not stressed by heating it unduly. Cold metal repair is often synonymous with metal stitching, which ... Read More »

The Easy Way To Recover Data From Your iPhone – iFoneMate

In today’s world, we carry a small computer in our pockets and purses and we entrust those computers with irreplaceable data like photos, phone numbers, and addresses. If your iPhone or tablet is lost, broken, or stolen then years of memories and compiled phone numbers disappear. It can be absolutely devastating to know that you’ll never get what you’ve lost ... Read More »

LED Driving Lights – Turning Night Into Day

Rally driving is an adrenaline fuelled thrill ride for anyone wanting to practice the sport. It’s a huge commitment to become a rally driver and enjoy motorsport in its purest form, and not just because of the time and money required. Go to a rally, speak to the drivers, volunteer at one, and read the rulebook of the rally you ... Read More »

AnyMote – The Universal Remote For Android Phones

These days, it’s really hard to imagine our daily lives without technology. We are so addicted to modern technology that for most of us, life without it would seem almost impossible. While computers, music players, plasma TVs, home air conditioners and such make life easier, they also come with a series of drawbacks. How many remote controls do you have ... Read More »